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Sarah Savage

I am a runner and started training with Boris after suffering with chronic knee problem which has come on slowly over time. It hadn't stopped from running but it had limited my weekly mileage. Boris very quickly diagnosed the issue and set me to work on the rehab. He also found other  issues that I didn't know i had (mainly inflexible ankles, shoulders and hips along with over active pecs which was cause rounding of the shoulders). After a few months training with Boris i was to run again and when i return to competitive running (with no time goals in mind) I ended up winning my age category in half marathon distance. Boris is  no-nonsense, highly knowledgable  and honest-he tells it like it is and really encourages you to go one better. He's also good fun and is very empowering - with him I learnt to self diagnose issues and, with his guidance to suggest possible cures. As an unintended byproduct of working with Boris I lost body fat and toned up. I'd totally recommend him! 

Colin Ferns

I sought out a PT after having minor knee surgery. I ski a lot and didn’t want the surgery to impact on my skiing. As someone in his fifties who has physical aspirations that are not coincident with the requisite desire to spend time in gyms, I found Boris to be the perfect solution. He worked me just hard enough that I kept coming back for more to the point where I was able to suitcase lift 170kg, more than I’d ever done before. My skiing was greatly improved as a result! 

Giles Tounge

Hi Boris,

I'm writing to thank you for the months we spent together.  As a mostly retired rugby player, I still hadn't found my next exercise routine and had started to stiffen into the immobility of an old man.  It was great to see you in the mornings, and know that I'd be put through my paces, in a challenging but not absurd overdemanding way - I was always confident that whatever I was doing was highly efficient, well balanced and effective.  The banter on the way round of course always helps and makes the motivational journey that much easier.


By the time you had finished with me, I felt sharp, agile, flexible, stronger and more athletic, and honestly, I think you restarted my life and had a profound impact on me.  As an almost middle aged guy, I had already gone to pasture physically, and you've given me most of my old self back, and made me enjoy exercising again.

I can't thank you enough.  Genuinely thank you.  If any of your future clients want to speak to me, I'd be delighted to, but you can tell them from me, they'll be making a great decision to go with you.


I wish you all the best of success both in the gym and on the rugby pitch!